TL;DR : Optional zoom meeting today at 12:30pm Pacific to work on the final project.

An update from La Shonda:

Hello everyone.   I hope you get this message.  Of course the internet service at the cabin went out.   We are currently in town, in our pjs, using the Starbucks wifi.  
My apologies that I wasn't able to contact anyone.  
Soooo.  Real quick.   We are heading back to the cabin...hoping that the owners will have resolved the issue.  If they haven't.  We are going to check out early and head back to Seattle.   I'm two hours away.  So my goal is to be back in the city by noon.  
Next..this email is long and I'm sorry but gotta get it all in before we head back to pack...
Final to give folks a wee bit of a mental break, we split the class into audience and presenters.   If you have the capacity please join us at 1230 on zoom to work on the project.  The rest of yawl relax.  Take care of you....check out some other DPL happenings.
The people who have decided to work on the project  could we meet at 1230 instead of 1w today.   Just to make sure I have plenty of time to get back home and get inside?  
I'm hoping that this message gets to everyone  but I don't have access to my computer, so please share info with your colleagues.  
Join Zoom Meeting:

Than yawl so much for your patience.  
See you soon