No one took me up on this quote, so I'll share:

... ...  this was from "A Different World", a great show from the late 80s-90s that showcased life at an HBCU.  

Anyhoodle,  hopefully the lot of you were able to find some time today to relax, relate, release and take care of you.  

A group of us got together and are ready to present to you on ways to create community at beginning, middle and end of your courses.  Please see these posts on ghosts:

Creating Community:  The Beginning

Creating Community: The Middle

Creating Community:  The End

Your job as our audience is to review these posts and question us on how these acts can build community, how we can we broaden these activities, and add your own spin.  

We have created a Jamboard page for you to edit and add information to.  

Jamboard: Community & Connectedness - Google Jamboard

We look forward to you joining us tomorrow from 12:00 to 3:00pm.  The last hour will be our "wine" down/"tea party".  Please join us if/when you can!