I know we're all very busy folks.  Work, family, partners, friends and more work. (...side note...does anyone else feel like they're working longer and harder since the Rona started?....anyone....Bueller?) With our heads aimed in so many directions, I feel like it's easy to forget about us.  Within certain communities "self-care" has been all the rage for the last year or more.  This day is to honor those self-care ideals and spend it luxuriating and reflecting.  

Hopefully, you've had the opportunity spend some quiet and or meditative time.   Use this day to commit and connect to yourself.  Take a bath, a walk or a nothing. Do that thing you always want to do, but can never quite find the time to do it.  Once you to do that, if you have the time, please join me on Zoom from 12-2pm (PST).  Also, for my folks far away if later(early) works better for you, I'll also be on from 8pm-10pm(PST).   When we get on, I'll will lead some us in some breath work and we can have our first meeting and begin discussions about the importance of connecting to the self and how it affects collective community.

Reflection Time:

Why did you become a teacher?  What would you say your strengths and weaknesses are?  What would your students say your strengths and weaknesses are? What would you colleagues (and Deans) say your strengths and weaknesses are?  

We will discuss the answers to this when we meet online.  I'll see you all there!


8-10pm                                                                             https://zoom.us/j/91769308929?pwd=R1hHdEhqemtyR2RGK1lYTUpJNnpkQT09