Greetings everyone... I wanted to set up a wee agenda for us, some logistics and other info for the week.  

First and foremost, I built this class to leave room for flow.  This is our space and there will be space for your contributions.  So please be ready to experience flow and shift in, around and through community.

Second, I will be available twice a day throughout the LAB.  I will be on from 12pm-2pm PST (12:00 - 14:00) and 8pm-10pm PST (20:00-22:00).  I will have links posted to where we will meet, but just in case my zoom is  

You can also reach me at and at 1-310-906-9491.  

Our Agenda:

Day 1:  The Self - Taking time to reconnect with ourselves.  Breathe.  Reflect on why we started teaching and discuss our strengths and weaknesses.

Day 2:  Each Other - We will get to learn more about each other and create community agreements.  We will also share our stories around identity and community.  

Day 3: Community - What is it?  How do we create it in our classrooms?  What does it look like for our students?  How do we use, or lose, our power to create it?  We will also have guest students on this day from 12- 2pm PST(12:00-14:00)

Day 4:  Community in Action - We analyze our lesson plans, work on scenarios and share resources.  We will also begin working on our "Final Project".  There will be an "Afternoon Tea" (12-2pm PST) and an "Evening 'Wine' Down (8pm -10pm PST).

Day 5: The Final Project - We will present our Final Project and have some goodbye festivities.  

The books will be reading excerpts from and discussing along the way are:  "Teaching to Transgress" by Bell Hooks, "The Body is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love" by Sonya Renee Taylor and "The Spirit of Intimacy: Ancient African Teachings in the Ways of Relationships" by Sobonfu Some'.  

***NOTE*** During the "wine" down, afternoon tea and our moving forward party, feel free to drink whatever you like.  There is no pressure to consume alcohol or tea. Coffee and water are just as valid....There's even room for juices and soda!

I am so excited about our week together.....see you inside.