Hello Everyone,

How are you?  I hope this post finds you well and in good spirits.  Welcome to our class.  I'm so excited to have you all here.  Well, now, starting a class with no face to face communication is quite the challenge for me.  However, I welcome this challenge....mostly because yawl will be with me!  So let's start this journey together.  

Between the "Rona" (my affectionate name for the Covid virus) and Black Lives Matter protests, this year has been quite the experience.  Even before all this took place, I had our first day planned to be very meditative. A way for us to meet, then reconnect to ourselves, as just our daily lives can leave us without a connection to ourselves.  And now that we're here, with all of this compounding on us, I feel like this first day is even more important to take, if we're able, and reconnect to ourselves.  

And, if you're not able to do a whole day, due to life, my ask is that you try to do as much as you can.  And just really take some time to "relax, relate, release".  (btw, if anyone knows where this quote is from....I'll be super impressed.)

We're going to get into community agreements on Day 2, but I will say this on Day 1.  It is my goal to be considerate of all abilities, cultures, identities, religions and lifestyles.  If something doesn't work for you, please make adjustments where you feel most comfortable or you're more than welcome to contact me and let me know what's not working for you and we will shift as a community.  

I believe that's all ...I'm purposefully not introducing myself today, because, again, today is about the self.  My goal for us is to do some meditations, exercise, breath work, readings, reflections and a wee bit of video watching.  

Materials you'll need for the day:  Time, quiet space, the outside, a journal, and a wee bit of vulnerability,

Day 1 Meditation: It's my belief that before we can move forward, we need to take the time to heal.  However, life, as it is, doesn't always allow things to line up that way.  So healing comes in stages.  I chose this meditation as our first meditation because it spoke to healing.  

If guided meditations aren't your thing.  Please use this opportunity to pray, be silent, think or choose a meditative method that best works for you.  Please enjoy this time and I'll see you on the other side.  

Day 1 Guided Meditation